We believe that our clients are best served by thorough analysis.

We host an initial consultation to learn about your financial priorities, goals, and concerns. It usually runs 60-90 minutes.

We will explain how our integrated financial planning approach benefits our clients. Together, we will discover whether your particular situation can benefit from the knowledge, experience, education, and expertise that MOSAIC can provide.

We determine your risk tolerance with a survey.

We advise you regarding any aspect of your financial life which you’d like us to assess.

MOSAIC prepares a customized, valuable report. In it, we review your current asset allocation and individual investments and recommend a detailed implementation plan to align your assets—across all your accounts—with your goals and risk tolerance.

If you retain us as an investment advisor, we draft an Investment Policy Statement that stipulates your financial goals, risk tolerance, investment strategy, and investment types. We also prepare an Investment Advisory Agreement with our firm.

We continually monitor the performance of your assets. In addition to online access to your account, you’ll receive a monthly statement of portfolio positions and their market values. We also provide a quarterly performance report for each client.

As market conditions evolve and your circumstances change, we’ll conduct periodic reevaluations of your aggregate portfolio and recommend rebalancing accordingly.

We’re happy to meet with our clients as often as they like. MOSAIC is always available to field questions about your account, prospective investments, tax issues, or financial questions in general.